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someone is reading kindergartenstuck

and leaving comments on almost every chapter

and i just wanna say


I’m so stuck on that fic. I can’t remember where I was going with it and I want to finish it SO BADLY. so badly you do not even know. 

I miss working on it


it’d be nice if I could just get…one prompt for kindergartenstuck. just one. 

Fic feelings

…Oh my god Chapter 13 of Kindergartenstuck is just scary long. I mean 12 pages long and not done yet. I have titled it in my head “The Very Special Two Hour Holiday Special” because seriously. It’s the Holiday Special. And it features all the trolls. All of them.

Nameless is coming along nicely though everything is coming along SUPER SLOW. I’m thinking maybe four or five chapters to finish it. I’m kind of unhappy about that, actually. I really enjoy writing that one in particular.

lay beside me, under wicked sky is kind of stalled but I’ve got a goodly bit of the next chapter written.

I have a follow-up fic to Clerkstuck nearly finished, called “Smitten” which is mostly cute smut with extra added feelings. Also, a Karkat and Eridan friendship fic in the same ‘verse that I’ve tentatively named “Karkat and Eridan go Bowling”.

Also, there’s a fic diptych of sorts that I’m working on, one John/Rose, the other Dave/Jade. They’re sort of unbearably cute.I need decent titles for them, though.

Chances are, I’m going to finish everything at once and flood with updates.


Ok, so I read Kindergardenstuck ( ) and many dawws followed. This is Tavros in his carseat with his little horn holders because they are too big and omg I just thought that idea was way to cute. May or may not color this later

Oh my god this is the CUTEST EVER it is so cute. Tavros in his carseat with his horn harness thingie and oh man oh man… <3 THANK YOU!


3-Sweeps-Stuck <3

oh my babies! They do not look *precisely* like my head-kids from Kindergartenstuck, but they’re close. oh my god look at Equius, I want to hug him so bad. And Tav, whyy are you crying, baby? I have to say that Sollux, Terezi, Eridan and Fef are definitely in the attitudes I see them in in my story. GOD THEY’RE SO CUTE i could just die.

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